26_September [Archives:2003/648/Press Review]

July 7 2003

3 June 2003
Main headlines:
– President Saleh: enhancement of security aspects and implementation of security deployment plan in all administrative units
– FM al-Qirbi: Yemen and Saudi Arabia partners in combating terror
– Vice-president patronizes graduation of applied sciences college students
– Kuwaitis elect new parliament
the political editor of the newspaper writes that the Yemeni-Saudi coordination council is convened for the embodiment of the distinguished relations of the two countries and keenness of the two countries leaderships on taking these relations to a high level of cooperation and coordination and joint action serving their interests and enhances their efforts for achieving security and stability and development. The development that happened to the Yemeni-Saudi relations was a result of a political will by the leaders of the two countries. It is certain that the two peoples expect much from meeting of the coordination council especially under the complicated Arab and regional circumstances. Yemen and Saudi Arabia can establish a good example of Arab Arab relations especially in the difficult circumstances and the Arab situation. Yemen and Saudi Arabia stand in the same trench in defense of heir security and independence. Both countries are willing to shoulder their role in reforming the Arab situation and push the joint Arab action forward, as it is the only means for facing the dangerous changes the Arab nation is exposed to and the conspiracies meant against its peoples and governments.