26_September [Archives:2003/650/Press Review]

July 14 2003

10 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Presidential directives on accepting returnees and paying their dues
– PM discusses development of economic and trade partnership with American Agency for Development
– Vice-President confirms encouragement of investment in oil and gas field
The political editor of the newspaper wrote an article on a new Arab order saying there never has happened in the Arab modern history that the Arab nation has experienced a similar state of weakness and division as is he case nowadays. This has been reflected in the nation's utter inability in dealing with the Arab- Arab events of the Arab- Israeli conflict that has posed an obstacle before the development of the Arab world and deviated it from the road of development and creation of an economic regional bloc able to competition. Some Arab countries have thought they can come out of this impasse by following a fait accompli and selecting a way staving them off dangers. They therefore have chosen concession of the nation's constants. They have accepted that path even if the price is the sacrifice in unity of the Arab rank and exposure of the Arab national security to weakness and setback.
President Ali Abdulla Saleh has been a forerunner in realizing those dangers and took his initiative to heal the rift in the Arab-Arab relations and his initiative had its great effect in unifying the Arab rank and convening the Arab summit conferences in a regular periodical manner. The present Arab leaders call for reforming the Arab order in order to establish a new Arab order represents a beginning of a reform stage in need of much effort and sincerity and determination. This call must also include thinkers and mass organizations and must not be confined to the official framework.