26_September [Archives:2003/659/Press Review]

August 14 2003

7 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Social Fund for Development board of directors approves its budget for the next year
– Dr. al-Sanafi: A number of corruption issues are to be referred to judiciary soon
– A Saudi security delegation in Yemen
– Al-Wadeea' border crossing with Saudi Arabia to open beginning of September
The newspaper editorial says that Yemen's positive presence that is enhancing security and stability in the region and the Arab and international status and successes achieved by the country'' s foreign policy could not have been realized without the president's national leadership during his 25 years of rule. Yemen has assumed its new position and acquired a new dimension in the political impact on the issues that serve its interests and its regional neighborhood and those of its nation. Upon this orientation came the initiative of the president for reforming the Arab order represented by the Arab League. This step is considered an early one the events the Arab nation has experienced have confirmed its soundness. Out of its political sensing towards the course of events and their present and future dangers, Yemen is proposing a new initiative by which the Arab joint action could live to the data and requirements of the present situation the Arab nation is passing through. The initiative takes into consideration the executive characteristic in a more practical form giving it the power of action to take her out of the state of weakness to which she has reached and to express interests of the Arab peoples at present and future.
Yemen's regional role does not go beyond this context in the tripartite grouping, the Yemeni, Ethiopian and Sudanese, and the attempts exerted for rendering it into a grouping guaranteeing security and stability of the Red Sea basin.