26_September [Archives:2003/665/Press Review]

September 4 2003

28 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Bids for building power station in Mareb Tuesday
– Biddings from local and foreign companies for operating Teleyemen
– Written message from president Saleh to Algerian president
A second page leading article published by the newspaper says the two regrettable incidents that took place in Yafie and Amran recently have shocked by their unsightliness the feelings and conscience of the Yemeni society and aroused its denunciation and resentment as they were unprecedented crimes and totally contravene the ideology and traditions of our society. They have targeted innocent people at a place where blood is prohibited to be shed whatever the causes were, i.e. worshipping places. The perpetrators of those rimes could not be considered but of those haunted with evil spirits and the black rancor has dwelt in their sick minds and souls. The most important thing is to face and undermine such outrageous acts and crimes and all of us bear the responsibility to encounter such acts lest it should change into a phenomenon. We are before a new form of crimes Yemen has not seen before and this necessitates encountering it by the society but in the first place the in charge besides the mass media, religious scholars, and political and intellectual leaders.