26_September [Archives:2003/667/Press Review]

September 11 2003

September 2003
Main headlines:
– The president lauds successes of security bodies in fighting crime
– Interior ministry source: No truth about presence of terrorist plots
– Education minister: School uniform at all stages beginning of this year
Ahmed al-Zubairi says in his article it is perhaps eye-catching that members of the parliament and ministers, which are the two legislative and executive institutions race for approving bills for themselves regarding obtaining allowances and financial privileges, in addition to protocol-related situations. it is as if these two institutions were effected for their members to reap gains for themselves disregarding what the people say about them or realizing that responsibility is a duty not a gain. If these people legislate for their gains who would then pass legislation for the benefit of sons of the armed forces and security and the rest of the state establishments?
If the people have elected their representatives in the parliament they have done so not to be representatives for their own personal interests but for the interests of the nation and keen to be loyal to the constitutional oath they have taken . those in the legislative and executive institutions should be the leading good example in embodying the spirit of the constitution and encountering aspects of corruption and nepotism at the expense of public interest.
Such prestige seekers through keenness on being accompanied by groups of armed escorting men should realize that their behaviour and closeness to people and serving them would provide them with security and respect of the people.