26_September [Archives:2003/668/Press Review]

September 15 2003

11 Sept. 2003
Main headlines
– Religious scholars committee concludes its second round of dialogue with youth back from Afghanistan
– Al-Rahma House for girl orphans wraps up activities
– The president receives a message from Pakistani president
– New batch of Yemeni exiles abroad returns in a few days time
Columnist Iskandar al-Asbahi says in his article that years pass and investment impediments are still prevalent its environment as if those hindrances are having legal structure and a bureaucratic practice and basic structures and others on which much has been said and written.
This is the general picture in mind that seems to have settled in a manner arousing frustration dominating over the will for creating the climate attracting local and foreign private investments in an orientation making the private investment effectively present.
It occurs to me that this image that has been fixed in mind despite of its much effect on reality is in line with facts but rather relatively. The impediments of investments are in fact attributed to a psychological facto rather that the actual hindrances that we have got bored of mentioning them. I think this condition has dominated over mentality and minds of investors and those responsible for investment policies to an extent that we have not seen any new investments.
I think we have to explore a new style in thinking about an environment attractive to investment. So why don’t we set up an agenda on impediments an alternative solutions and arrangements to surmount them within a fixed time table?