26_September [Archives:2003/671/Press Review]

September 25 2003

18 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– President Saleh: We regret the American veto, what happens in Palestine the biggest terror in the world
– PM Bajamal: We will discuss economic, technical and oil cooperation in Qatar
– Interior minister: We are determined to stabilize security and fighting terror
– Implementer of kidnapping the employee at the Egyptian embassy, identified
– A group of infiltrators arrested offshore Dhaba port, Hadramout
The newspaper editorial has been devoted to the 58th anniversary of the establishment of the General Assembly of the United Nations, saying we find ourselves facing many questions that should be aroused regardless of availability of their answers because just putting them would excite those interested in the future of the United Nations in discussing the issues those questions would stir in the attempt to understand the reality of the organisation. The strategy of the American national security in September 2002 mentioned that there was no country in the world capable alone of building a safe world and a better world. This means among other things an acceptance of pluralism and confirmation of participation, and that pluralism is a means not an end.
As the United Nations represents the most advanced example of pluralism where many countries convene to work together for protecting peace and security of the world and solving problems of the world, it is a common sense then the countries must endeavour to preserve it and protect it, and such a responsibility lies on the United States of America in the first place. So how could we understand the American policies towards the UN since the end of the Cold War, its shouldering the task of the world affairs as a sole dominating power? What are the returns on America from its policies? Is it for the American good to marginalize the role of the Security Council and to act singly in imposing the decisions it takes and then who is the beneficiary from the war on Iraq? We in Yemen, while waiting meetings of the general assembly we fully realize the importance of this meeting because it comes after two years since the horrible events of 11 September which Yemen has condemned the same as the world states did. The hope was then there would be a unified international stand to be taken against terror and identifying it and knowing its causes and dealing with it in a comprehensive way. We are also fully aware that the use of force is one of the ways of fighting it. Nevertheless we see today an international inability of facing terror. Perhaps the policies pursued during the past period have increased the area of its activity and created new seminaries for it. What increased resentment and anxiety are practices of the big powers in the world and their insistence on using force in the way and the time they wished. The events happening around us and heralds of confrontations that may erupt in the Gulf or South-East Asia or internal disturbances in addition to escalation of the wave of extremism and violence make meetings of the United Nations decisive through adopting resolutions drawing up bases for restoring international legitimacy and restoring to the UN its status and role in keeping world peace and security.