26_September [Archives:2003/677/Press Review]

October 16 2003

9 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– President Saleh: Development process progresses good and we appreciate role of Funds and donor organisations
– Gulf Forum convenes in Sana’a, The EU chooses Yemen for holding the International Conference on democracy and human rights
– Yemen presents a working paper for developing mechanism of the Organisation of Islamic Conference work
Columnist Faisal Jalloul says in his article that forty years have elapsed since the eruption of Yemeni 14 October revolution that was launched a year after its sisterly counterpart of 26 September and they got united in the local political culture of the Yemeni revolution.
The unionist dimension is apparent in contributions of all the residents that succeeded on Aden after the foundation of the Socialist party regardless of the political circumstances and the ideology that surrounded those contributions. The unionist dimension of 14 October also appears in the central system founded after the independence when for the first time for centuries more than 20 protectorates were merged and the culture of separatism was destroyed. Even geographically the unionist dimension is apparent as the 14 )October revolutionaries are affiliate of all parts of Yemen and of all social, sectarian and political groups of Yemen. It is also evident that the human geography has played a great role in suppressing the secessionist attempt and played a moral role in precluding the return of the Yemeni history to its former attitude.