26_September [Archives:2003/678/Press Review]

October 20 2003

16 Oct. 2003
Main headlines:
– Vice-president opens projects in Taiz
– A report on the level of the implementation of the strategy of poverty alleviation
– Two of weapons merchants, arrested in Hadramout
– Sana’a hosted the Gulf forum for democracy
– Yemeni cultural festival in Washington enhanced Yemeni-American cultural relations
– Yemen takes part in meeting of Arab experts on the handicapped
The newspaper editorial has been this week devoted to discussing the 10th Islamic Summit held in Malaysia. The paper says the complicated and difficult circumstances the Islamic nation is experiencing gives this summit an exceptional significance due to the unprecedented nature of challenges and dangers the nation is facing. The Muslims are now amidst great dangers and need not to be to be reminded by their leaders that they are one nation but look at the summit for drafting its resolutions that live to the level reflecting the conscious comprehension that understands practically what should be done in order to render the Islamic nation an effective power commensurate to its size and world position regarding population and area. This in fact needs the guarantee of an existence of a genuine will to upgrade the collective action of Islamic countries according to duties and confrontation of challenge and dangers the nation is exposed to.