26_September [Archives:2003/687/Press Review]

November 20 2003

13 Nov. 2003
Main headlines:
– President congratulates Belgium king
– 31st conference of Arab News Agencies Union to be held in Sana'a next December
– Higher Committee on prisons inspected 16 governorates, al-Alfi: Recommendations for the release of 1500 prisoners, demand for improvement of women and juvenile prisons

The political editor of the newspaper says that the information address of opposition seems to have adopted a slogan of '' opposition for the sake of opposition'' meaning in the end represented in distortion and falsification of awareness of the popular opinion and the use of means of lying and fallacies.
The writer adds we have witnessed fabricated fuss about the government signing of an agreement ending concession of Yeminvest at the container station, its port and the Free Zone in Aden, portraying the move as if the government has embarked on a hostile or not patriotic act and strangely showing the measure as an image of corruption.
The government and the political leadership have adopted the principle of transparency in running affairs of the state and the society. And within the framework of this principle it is necessary to open all files and exposing all ambiguous facts not only regarding the project of the Free Zone I Aden but also in all issues and matters where compromises are taking place behind the scenes. By the information address of some political forces it appears the bidding and contradictory stand expressing strange and dubious mentality. The obvious question on the political and cultural and ethical and media life stage today is the absence of intellectual and ethical values regarding the concept of searching for the truth which some political forces have replaced by a program of falsifying the truth and developing means of lies. Unfortunately if freedom of expression and democracy are understood in this way by some political forces, these forces are then working for destroying foundations of freedom and principles of democracy by following this behavior that does not rely on firm rules of order, law and political and social discipline.