26_September [Archives:2003/692/Press Review]

December 8 2003

4 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Chairing a meeting of the national committee on declaring Sana'a capital of Arab culture,
– President Saleh puts stress on good preparation for the demonstration that Sana'a and its history deserves
– Presidential directives for development of Yemeni diplomacy career
– FM: Signing sea borders agreement with Oman on December 14
– Denouncing the media campaign against Yemen, official source: These fabrications would not preclude Yemen from continuing its stands in fighting terror
– Under chairmanship of PM, Plenary meeting on discussing best mechanism for levying Zakat

The newspaper editorial says the phenomenon of terror does not only threaten security and stability of economic and social interests of the international community but impact of its damage extends to many countries of the world and it has not certain religion or ideology or a limited arena for its movement. The Yemeni people consider the phenomenon of terror as intruding and alien in our society and contradicts their civilized heritage, values and their noble humane thoughts.
Yemen as part of the international community and an active member in it has always been keen through its foreign policy and official stands on supporting all steps and decisions taken by world countries with regard to fighting the terror. It has also contributed to curbing sabotage and acts of terrorism and has been an initiator in calling on the international community for holding a world conference for defining terror and to come out with recommendations and executive mechanisms guaranteeing effectiveness and success in fighting and ending terrorism.