26_September [Archives:2003/694/Press Review]

December 15 2003

11 Dec.2003.
Main headlines:
– Chaired a meeting of the supreme security committee, the president lauds efforts of security apparatuses in fighting terror,
– Yemeni experiment in fighting terrorism achieved positive results
– Intensified preparations for holding the conference on democracy and human rights next month
– Two Yemeni and Saudi tribes agree on ending a more than 6-year old dispute
– Kuwaiti foreign minister refutes allegations on Yemeni advice to Saddam to invade Kuwait
– Reducing number of cultural and military attaches offices abroad
-Al-Eryani discusses in London bilateral relations and cooperation
-Saudi team in Sana'a for getting acquainted with results of investigations with Abu A'sem,
Distinguished security cooperation with Saudi Arabia
-Denying Al-Qaeda involvement , Interior minister: Some known elements attacked Shabwa governor

Columnist Ahmed Nasser Al-Sharif says in his article there is much talk nowadays on intention of the American administration to transfer power to an elected Iraqi government next June and to impose presence of the occupying forces in Iraq by a request of the government to- be which no one yet knows what kind of government it is going to be. However, it is widespreadly known that this move of forming an Iraqi government is nothing more than a temporary partial anaesthetization the Iraqi people's resistance has forced the occupiers to use.