26_September [Archives:2003/697/Press Review]

December 25 2003

25 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– “Sana'a Grouping'' summit convenes in Addis Ababa Monday
– Red Sea security and the Horn of Africa, fighting terror top the summit's agenda
– Two Britons leave Aden after ending sentences
– Investigation committee into incidents of Sana'a incidents
– Law regulating private sector security companies work
– Al-Mouayad and companion trial postponed till February 4, 2004

Columnist Faisal Jalool writes saying after quarter of a century of its launch the ” Arab Rejection Front'' has disappeared, last week after president Saddam Hussein was arrested colonel Muamar Gaddafi announced abandonment of his projects of weapons of mass destruction on condition his country joins again the international relations regulated and run by the United States of America. It is known that the Arab Rejection Front emerged in the late of the seventies of last century following the Egyptian-Israeli reconciliation under American auspices. The Front was dependent on the Soviet Union policy and the Islamic republic at the regional level. Despite non-conformity of the front's parties and not working under its banner to the end, they all have been unanimous on refusing reconciliation with Israel and each party has pursued a policy hostile to the United States of America regularly before the end of the Cold War and intermittent after it. The front's parties destinies were different after the end of the cold war. Some of them disappeared, the other some joined the international relations in suitable time and the other some was besieged and subjected to long-term punishment.