26_September [Archives:2004/711/Press Review]

February 12 2004

5 February 2004
Main headlines
– Presidents Ali Abdullah Saleh and Hosni Mubarak discuss relations and Arab solidarity
– Situation in Palestine and Iraq, and current developments significant files before the summit
– beginning of next April, Arab foreign ministers discuss reforming the Arab League
– Sana'a embraces a world symposium on cultures and civilization
– Omani interior minister in Sana'a next month to sign agreement on security cooperation
– National strategy for wages and salaries on table of the cabinet soon

On the Yemeni-Saudi relations the newspaper's political editor wrote saying when we talk about the Yemeni-Saudi relations we certainly talk about brotherly, exemplary and concrete relations based on truthfulness, fraternity and neighbourhood. They would not at any rate get shaken for merely writing an article in this newspaper or that in which the writer tries to muddle them. Such attempts come out of ignorance about how deep their roots are and what the two countries have achieved in the field of common cooperation in all areas in various aspects and the two countries' leaderships keenness on developing those relations for the interest of both peoples.
The Yemeni- Saudi relations are deeper than to be hostage of tendencies of retaliation or domination or of a state of sterile thinking or governed by rumination of events of far past. They are governed by a group of firm constants that would not change however the events changed or alliances altered in the region. We perceive that the sons of the two peoples understand the aim behind those writings and their motives and they are also understood by the reasonable personalities on whom the responsibility of exposing such goals lies.