26_September [Archives:2004/713/Press Review]

February 19 2004

12 February 2004
Main headlines
– Positive and fruitful results of the president's visit to Cairo,
– The president: Yemen-Egypt security dossier discussed and closed,
– President Mubarak: Bilateral relations strong and deep-rooted in Egyptian and Yemeni peoples hearts,
– FM al-Qirbi: Committee from both countries to draw up joint perception for the reform of the Arab League to meet in Sana'a next April
– Interior ministry delegation visit Cairo soon
– Denying receipt of oil coupons, Tawfeeq Abdulraheem gets offer for exporting petroleum materials to Iraq
– The U.S. decides increasing development support to Yemen in appreciation of its democratic pursuit
– PM Bajammal visits China end of March
On the Yemeni relationship with America columnist Ahmed al-Zubairi says in his article the recent successful visit of the Yemeni foreign minister Dr Abubakr al-Qirbi to the United States of America came to express the level of development the Yemeni-American relations have reached. This was embodied by the Yemeni minister's meetings with American officials at various centres of decision-making and ability of those relations to establish channels of understanding, communication and discussion of all issues accompanied with the respect of towards the variance of viewpoints towards different maters. This is an indication of mutual understanding of the visions on which both countries' leaderships perceptions are built.
It could be indicated that the American- Yemeni relations during the nineties decade of the last century and the past years of this century were not always in good terms, but through understanding and dialogue those relations managed to overcome any misunderstanding that might arouse between the two countries. Thus in this direction the Yemeni foreign minister visit came to head. The visit lasted for several days as a necessary step to make the American friends be aware of the factors and motives from which Yemen proceeds in dealing with issues of terror and consequently defining the areas of security cooperation in the fight against this world phenomenon.