26_September [Archives:2004/715/Press Review]

February 26 2004

19 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Following he successful visit of the president to Riyadh,
– Consolidation of relations, stop of works on borders on the Saudi side
– Salamy praises efforts for enhancing security of Yemeni ports
– American congress delegation to discuss economic cooperation
– Contract to build Hadramout refineries to be signed end of March
– Arrangements for the release of two Britons serving imprisonment sentence in Aden
– Premakov leads a Russian economic delegation to Yemen
– Yemeni-Saudi company for investments to declare next month

Attention of the Palestinians, Arabs and those concerned with human rights are turned nowadays towards The Hague, specifically towards the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that is looking through procedure pertaining to separation wall build by Israel inside the Palestinian Arab territories.
No doubt the ICJ consideration of the procedure, with participation of the Arab League and Islamic Conference Organisation in presenting it, is considered a great gain in favour of the Arab Palestinian stand as a first step for striping legitimacy of building the wall. The event does also attract the attention of the world to condemn Sharon's arrogance and a reminder of the Israeli racism before the biggest international establishment specialized in the dispute.
The international community is today, more than any time before, is demanded to condemn the racial characteristic of the Israeli separation wall. All human rights organisations and other international civil organisations have on this day to communicate their message to judges of the world court so that justice is applied and their slogan should now and in the future be refusal of the Israeli segregation wall.