26_September [Archives:2004/718/Press Review]

March 8 2004

4 March 2004
Main headlines
– Sana'a Grouping economic committee meets in Sana'a this month
– A regional forum in Sana'a on migration between Gulf States and the Arab peninsula
– Yemeni-Saudi security committees begin meetings for enhancement of security cooperation across borders
– French cultural center's activities continue
Columnist Iskandar AL-Asbahi devotes his column this week to talking about squandering in various walks of life in general. He says the images of wasting are numerous in administrative practices in general. The administrative and structural beefing up enshrouding the state's apparatus is on aspect of squandering potentials. The overlapping and repetition many administrative units are characterized by, undoubtedly, constitute a squander of resources and hamper accomplishment. An example of material wasting is what the state establishment of electricity announced about the lost value of electric power last year that amounted to YR 6 billion and that includes the wasting in both technical and non-technical. And of course this affects the establishment's revenues. Added to that is the corruption in diplomatic missions that cost the state more than 6 billion rials a year and constitute a financial and economic squander, especially that most of those accredited can be qualified at the Yemeni universities and with very much less cost.
When the Social Fund of Development and the programs of public works adopt the same projects in the same local societies it would be an economic squander appears to us in more than one site and establishment.
Against the diagnosis of squander in various aspects of our life, we have to “waste” a little of time and effort for facing any economic squander or loss.