26_September [Archives:2004/721/Press Review]

March 18 2004

11 March 2004
Main headlines
– FM: Pledge document to be discussed at the summit in harmony with Yemen's initiative with regard to amending the Arab League charter
– Yemen and Saudi Arabia to swap the wanted next week
– An agreement to link oil installations of Shabwa and Mareb for the development of exports
– Yemen-Ethiopia investment activity in the next stage
– Defence minister discusses joint cooperation with Chinese military attach.
– Kanaan association inaugurated the one-million signatures campaign
The newspaper's political editor wrote saying the sons of our Arab nation are looking forward to the summit of their leaders to be held at the end of this month in Tunisia with the hope to be different that the former summits in its results and the level of challenges and dangers the Arabs are fraught with.
All this demands the Arab leaders to consider the issues on table of the summit with high sense of responsibility and seriousness the present difficult and delicate circumstances dictate at this stage of the tempest of what has happened in Iraq and Palestine and the waving of the policy of big stick by American plan of the project of the great Middle East. The American project discloses the extent of decline of the events and situations of the Arab region towards a dangerous precipice. The scheduled Arab summit must come out with practical resolutions responding to dictates of the present historic stage where the Arabs are at a crossroads. This means taking resolutions ending the state of disintegration and division and leading to a true solidarity enabling them to face he challenges and dangers.
The initiative for Arab reform in which Yemen has a tangible contribution gives the Arab action its effectiveness embodying the principles of solidarity for uniting the Arab rank.