26_September [Archives:2004/726/Press Review]

April 5 2004

1 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Vice-president stresses on Sudan's territorial unity and stability
– Ali Abdullah Saleh and Putin discuss bilateral relations and regional and international developments
– On conclusion of his visit to China, PM Bajammal: Yemeni-Chinese relations strong, discussing investment projects worth half billion dollars
– Fund for combating smuggled medicines
– Accuses of terror issues sent to court
– Inauguration of the third deployment plan within two weeks
Columnist Yahya Saleh al-Shawkani says in his article the dispute that happened at the Arab foreign ministers conference in Tunis and resulted in postponing the convening of the summit has reflected clearly the very biter reality the Arab nation has reached and has never witnessed even in the darkest circumstances the nation experienced before. Our country has realized this regrettable reality and the dangerous situation. In an attempt to reform that reality president Ali Abdulla Saleh launched our country's initiative to reform the situation of the Arab League with the aim of salvaging the nation from its reality and mending the structure that gathers it before its collapse. Regretfully the chance for our initiative to see the light was not provided in the floundering summit.