26_September [Archives:2004/732/Press Review]

April 26 2004

22 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– The president calls for good preparation for the summit to come out with resolutions living up to the level of challenges
– Amr Mousa: All Arab countries will attend the summit; agenda has no Great Middle East Project
– Interior minister says no leniency with hose impinging upon security and safety of the country and citizens
– Insurance companies reduced premiums to 0.012%
– Al-Mouyad file lawsuit against al-Ansi, another lawyer appointed to defend him

Columnist Abdulsamad al-Qaleesi says in his article the news of the past week reported about hundreds of martyrs falling everyday in the Iraqi cities and their houses and sanctities are violated as well as sanctities of Arab and Islamic peoples in their countries. Their news is about to be as routine as that of occupied Palestine and its brave people. But the news of the Arab leaders who should be described as “Arab entrepreneurs” is entering “joy” to our souls. Look for example at the secret visit of the Jordanian king Abdullah to Sharon in his ranch and how after a few hours has resulted in the assassination of sheikh Ahmed Yassin. And then see how the visit of the Egyptian president visit to Bush in his ranch has resulted in the assassination of Dr al-Rantissi. Though it is to be acknowledged that the assassination of this and that is on the Zionist agenda before the visits but taking such a dangerous decisions have to be prepared for, directly or indirectly with the two Arab sides that the American administration deluded as being two strategic allies whereas their determined function is the passing on of America's declared strategy against the countries and peoples of the region. Look how Sharon, the actual strategic ally of the American administration came back from his visit to Bush with an American approval of whatever he wants. After the blow the Egyptian resident received from Bush, he insisted in his visit to Paris on his clinging to the American role considering it as unavoidable.