26_September [Archives:2004/735/Press Review]

May 6 2004

29 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Representatives of Qatari, Russian and Chinese companies discuss implementation of investment projects in Yemen
– President Saleh: America's bias to the Zionist entity would bring for it hatred of one billion Muslims and peoples of the third world
– Al-Aidaroos accuses leaders of Islah of conniving with terrorist acts

The newspaper editorial says the situations in Iraq are increasing every day in darkness and tragedy with the increase of violent acts and absence of security and stability. Added to that is the coincidence of acts of violence and the collective punishment perpetrated by the occupying forces against the people of Iraq. Almost more than a year elapsed on the occupation of Iraq by the coalition forces led by the United States and at the time the Iraqi resistance to occupation increases the occupying forces increase their acts against sons of the Iraqi people especially in Falluja, Kerbala, Najaf and Qaem in a feverish manner, using the most lethal weapons and armored vehicles and warplanes claiming the lives of numerous victims of women, children and innocent civilians.
No doubt those who are hanging on to the presence of the foreigner and seeking protection under its presence are doing so in defence of guarantees of their existence or gaining some self benefits. Those realize that their presence and destiny connected to the presence of the foreign occupier in Iraq. Such examples of five-star strugglers have many similar of them in history and it is natural for them to refuse any serious solutions that for the Iraqi problem that leads to enable the people of Iraq restore their freedom, independence and liberation from occupation.