26_September [Archives:2004/739/Press Review]

May 20 2004

13 May 2004
Columnist Ahmed Nasser al-Shareef says in his article that we all fully agree with president Bush announcement of his apology in his name and on behalf of his administration leaders to the Iraqi people for the scandal of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners of war by his soldier at Abu Ghraib prison when he said they did not represent the American people. Bush was quite right in that. They d not represent the American people but rather represent the American administration that he is on its head which in its turn does not represent the American people and the proof is that this administration head assumed power under a ruling of a court and not by the people's will.
Thus what those soldiers and officers have perpetrated is but a reflection of what the American administration is doing of inhumane practices not only in Iraq but against a number of world peoples. The best evidence is the facts that are everyday being disclosed about the massacres and unsightly crimes and tortures at Abu Ghraib prison and other prisons in Afghanistan and Guantanamo at the hands of the American and British occupation troops.
The crimes the American forces are committing in Iraq have made the former regime's history brighter if compared with that of the American record.