26_September [Archives:2004/745/Press Review]

June 10 2004

3 June 2004
Main headlines
– President Saleh takes part in the next G-8 summit
– Human rights minister: The president's directives on not-imprisonment of journalists, a great step for furtherance of the word
– Officials at the justice ministry and American lawyers arrived in Sana'a:
– Finishing investigations with Cole explosion suspects in a few days

Columnist Abdulsmad al-Qulaisi says in his article that what is happening in Iraq at the present time is but a vicious circle started with occupying Iraq in an illegitimate way, i.e. without the acceptance of the international community. Then the occupation states appointed illegitimately a council for governing Iraq without seeking the opinion of the Iraqi people and this council and the occupation forces have lately named a president for the republic, his deputies, and the transitional government with its prime minister and ministers. Also the future of the coming popular legitimacy would be hostage to a Kurdish personality activity whose main concern is the federal state. Amidst these ceremonial atmospheres the first statement of the appointed premier was that his government would conclude defensive and security agreements with the occupying forces until the government is able to build the alternative military and security formations because it is unable now to protect Iraq against the enemies from outside and from terror inside.
The writer says that it is meant that the goal is an army and security for providing protection for the American interests and to fight America's enemies. If the Iraqis would not discharge the occupation forces despite of themselves, they would not leave Iraq until they make it a typical copy of the regimes existing in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf.