26_September [Archives:2004/753/Press Review]

July 8 2004

1 July 2004
Main headlines
– The president receives a number of outgoing ambassadors on expiry of their terms of office
– Bajammal meets the UNESCO delegation,
– Council of ministers and IMF agree on maintaining cooperation
– The committee of intellectual dialogue began dialogue with the deluded followers of al-Hauthy
– Yemen and Oman exchange documents of sea borders demarcation

Columnist Khairallah Khairallah wonders if is b chance that the events in Yemeni Sa'da began to take extremely dangerous dimensions after the return pf president Ali Abdulla Saleh from the United States of America. The matter does not seem to be merely coincidental if we take into consideration that the demanded in this stage is imposing blackout on the results realized from that visit, among which that is there is among the Arab leaders one who is able to enter in an in-depth dialogue with the influential forces in the world.
It has not been coincidental that there would be forces working inside Yemen and supported externally to give a different image about the country in this very particular stage. It is a stage in which Yemen has appeared as capable of benefiting from the international atmospheres to improve its internal situations and to continue exerting efforts for tackling the problems of the citizen on the one hand and achieving security and safety on the other hand away from the currents working on destroying the Arab countries from within and giving a deformed image of Islam and the Muslims.
Perhaps the most dangerous of the events in that Sa'da has been witnessing is that it has become evident that the person behind them possesses of capabilities he would not have been able to possess without an external support. What al-Hauthy is doing exceeds in its danger the secessionist movement in the summer of 1994.