26_September [Archives:2004/761/Press Review]

August 5 2004

29 July 2004
Main headlines
– In a press conference before al-Hariri departure from Yemen,
– Bajamal and Hariri confirm identical viewpoints of the two countries versus the situations in Palestine and Iraq
– Members from the mediation committee express their appreciation of the president's stance in dealing with al-Houthi insurgency
– Reactivation of the free zone and completion of the second phase development projects
– A lawyer ordered out of court in the trial of the Cole suspects
– New discount of insurance on ships

The writer Mohammed Khamees Amtheeb writes saying after those pressures made by the American administration on the Arab states to make them interact with the initiative it had launched about the Middle East the American administration seemed to begin to show some elasticity and understanding of the nature of the region's countries' internal situations and began to deal with the Arab countries accordingly. This change in attitude is especially so may be because of the angry reactions the American initiative was met with by those countries.
With this simple change in the way the American administration is dealing with the Arab countries there emerge some queries on the nature of reasons that pushed it to this stand. Is the new American stand was in response to the angry responses by the Arab countries, or was it in response to demands by the Arab countries? Does this American change bear some other American dimensions of an alternative vision enabling to dominate the region in another form?
Analytical reading of the reasons of this change in understanding and elasticity confirms that the American administration did not neglect dealing with Arab angry reactions towards imposing reforms on the region's states from abroad. Maybe America has realized that continuing its practice of pressure on Arab countries in this way would only increase complications in the region and also raise the level of enmity towards it, especially after positive response shown by the Arab regimes regarding the effecting of reforms.