26_September [Archives:2004/763/Press Review]

August 12 2004

5 August 2004
Main headlines
– Vice president in his meeting with officials and social personalities in Mahara:
– Security and stability the basic factor for pushing development wheel
– Chaired by PM Bajamal, Trustees Council affirms the necessity of putting technical and technological arrangements for the realisation of interconnection of the national network for information
– Developing projects and modern systems for internet services

The newspaper says in its editorial Yemen's keenness on peace and stability in Sudan stems from a vision where bonds of fraternal relations connecting the two countries peoples and the future importance formed by geopolitical factors in the Red Sea region. This region bears under climates of stability the stamp of economic partnership and enhances their role in stabilizing the security and peace in the Horn of Africa region. Sudan with its area and demographic structure represents a reciprocal Arab and African depth and this means that the situations in Sudan and the Arab world in their positive and negative trends are reflected on both the Arab-Sudanese relations and the Arab-African ones.
Yemen under the leadership of president Ali Abdulla Saleh has been and would remain in its stands towards Sudan as supporting whatever is leading to peace, stability and territorial integrity of this country and pours in interest of the people of Sudan so that they would devote their time and effort to development and construction.
Out of this comes Yemen's interest in courses of peace and conciliation between all the sons of the Sudan people represented by the peace negotiates between the government and the popular movement in the south. The peace that the Sudanese welcomed as a good omen suddenly evaporated into mirage by opening the file of Darfur province to the west so that to begin a new war of another kind. It is more than a Sudanese crisis but rather a war launched by international parties and not to stop at the borders of Sudan but in its agenda surpasses them to regional dimensions related to the nature of the interests of those forces at both Arab and African levels. This means it is an introduction of direct interference in Sudan's internal affairs.