26_September [Archives:2004/775/Press Review]

September 23 2004

16 Sept.2004
Main headlines
– The government abrogated agreement of selling part of oil sector no. 53
– YR 300 million for services projects in Haidan
– Following TOTAL company failure in its exportation, government directives for benefiting from Yemeni gas in energy and local uses
– Japan writes off $ 17 million of its debts on Yemen
The political editor of the newspaper says in his article that celebrations of our people in the 42nd anniversary of the 26 September revolution and the 41st anniversary of the 14 October revolution come this year while Yemen is proud of what it has achieved of accomplishments and victories in various areas of stability, development and comprehensive construction. The revolutions have restored for the people their freedom and dignity among world nations to assume their position due to what they have contributed to the course of human civilization. The Yemeni revolution on 26 September was not great because it has only pounded the strongest reactionary imamate regime the history has known, but also because it has ended the colonialist presence on the Yemeni soil by eruption of the 14 October revolution so that it would be clear the correlation between the remaining and elimination of the imamate and colonization against the unity of the national struggle of the Yemenis embodied by the unity of their revolution. The republican system has triumphed and the clonialists had departed because of the struggle and strife of the Yemeni people and their armed forces who sacrificed their precious blood for the cause.