26_September [Archives:2004/777/Press Review]

September 30 2004

24 Sep. 2004
Main headlines
– Shoura council and parliament continue discussion of the five-year plan and economic reforms
– British film on Yemen's approach in fighting terror
– A festival for Arab children in Sana'a

The newspaper's political editor says in his article maybe the worst of what the Arab and Islamic nation has faced in her history and reality is that historical contradiction and the deep gap between what her state should be and what is actually being. This can be obvious in stances and behaviour of the nation's rich. It is the right of the brother on his brother and neighbour to have his brother standing by his and supporting him if he is in need. Humanitarian interaction, whether locally or regionally, a good humane characteristic and it should be like that among sons of the same nation having common blood, language, ideology and history.
A close look into the state of the Arab and Islamic reality reveals to what extent the nation lacks of such cooperation among her countries and peoples and between her rich and the poor, all this at time those rich are racing for expending generously for the foreigner from their treasuries in order to gain satisfaction of that foreigner. They spend millions of dollars and sterling pounds for building hospitals, universities and educational centers in American and European cities in addition to supplying them with modern equipment while their Arab and Moslem brothers in various countries such as Sudan, or Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, or Yemen or Djibouti and others are in grave need of such donations and funds.