26_September [Archives:2004/781/Press Review]

October 14 2004

7 Oct. 2004
Main headlines
– In his meeting with Saudi businessmen and investors, the president: We welcome Saudi investments in Yemen
– Yemeni-Kuwaiti holding company for investment to be established soon
– More than 2000 infiltrators and residents since last July

The newspaper editorial says the Israeli war machine launches a war of annihilation on the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories under the very nose of the world. These crimes reach their peak in the brutal escalation of this war in the Gaza Strip, with the horrific scenes that make Israel a terrorist state, the brutality of its acts exceed international laws and norms. The flaring situations in the Middle East area would not be possible to put out unless a change occurs in the American policy in a manner more just and neutral in its stances.
Yemen's stands were and would remain in support of the Palestinian people and their legitimate and just rights. Those stands of Yemen reflect its continuous efforts of encountering what befalls the Palestinian people with an Arab solidarity springing from joint vision of the interrelationship between what happens in Palestine and challenges facing the Arab nation.
In this context comes the Yemeni government call on the UN Security Council to work for stopping the Israeli aggressions on the Palestinian people and to take resolutions restoring prestige to the international legitimacy and force Israel to implement them.