26_September [Archives:2004/783/Press Review]

October 21 2004

15 Oct 2004
Main headlines
– Algeria's foreign minister visits Sana'a
– Gas used in cement factories, conversion industry and power generation
– Industry minister to lead Yemen's delegation to meeting of WTO
The newspaper's political editor says in his article the advent of Ramadan on Friday has deep indications and meanings dear to hearts of Moslems especially that they are suffering from weakness and division. In this holy month, the Moslems devote themselves to worshipping and pondering their conditions and situations. The writer adds that the Moslem should in this month pray for the Almighty God for showing and leading him on the road of virtue and keeping away from wrongdoing and the work for the public interest.
In this holy month, thinking should be devoted to the issues of the Arab and Islamic nation, especially the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the occupation army. This month also calls on the Arabs and Moslems to extend their helping hands to the Palestinians and the Iraqis.