26_September [Archives:2005/803/Press Review]

January 3 2005

23 Dec. 2004
Main headlines

– Held in Khartoum with participation of the Somali president, Economic and security cooperation on agenda of Sana'a Gathering summit

– Two TV channels to be established in Yemen

– Annual conference for leaders of interior ministry

– Parliamentarians and academics to 26 September newspaper: Piece reforms necessary to deliver economy and steer support towards development

The political editor of the newspaper writes saying the summit of Sana'a gathering held in Khartoum comes as an extension to the foundations on which this grouping was founded, namely aiming at enhancement of the bonds of relations of cooperation, partnership and security, not only among the three member states but also for all countries of the Horn of Africa and the Red sea region. Those countries are also invited to join the regional gathering, an intention expressed in the Sana'a Declaration in 2002.

In all its documents in its two previous summits, the gathering depicted the keenness of the leaders of the gathering on making the grouping open to all countries of the region, which is vital to international interests.

On this occasion of the Sana'a gathering third summit, it is important to consider deeply the nature of changes of events and speed of their outcomes in their reflections on the region, as they pose challenges to the region's countries. Sana'a gathering has represented a pre-emptive step with a sense of responsibility regarding interests of all its member states and all countries of the region. That is why it as been wise to make the gathering open to other countries of the region which need a collective action to confront all those challenges.