26_September [Archives:2005/805/Press Review]

January 6 2005

30 Dec.20
Main headlines

– FM: Sudan and Ethiopia welcoming Yemen's initiative, encouraging for its success in settling disputes

– In compliance with high-ranking directives, Allocation of land plots and houses for the youth, building railroad and implementation of industrial strategic projects

– Vice-president asserts the opening of larger areas for oil investment

The political editor of the newspaper says the styles of irresponsible instigation and mistaken mobilization resorted to by the some, political parties or individuals for pushing some people to violate the law and order and to resort to violence are unacceptable means. Accordingly, the attempted attack by guards of some parliament members on the Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal and his two deputies, Alawi al-Salami and Ahmed Soufan during their presence at the parliament, came as a result of irresponsible fomenting and wrong mobilization. Such acts are done for narrow-minded political and partisan aims and at the expense of the supreme national interest.

No doubt, that inappropriate and unacceptable behavior that has been repeated does contradict the simplest legal and ethical rules that should be observed at the parliament. The venue of the event is that where it is supposed to be the venue where the foundations of the state of order and law are laid.