26_September [Archives:2005/815/Press Review]

February 10 2005

2 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– The president inaugurates development and strategic projects

– Yemen foreign ministry praises the holding of Iraqi elections

– Getting rid of old fishing boats at Aden port

– Al-Qirbi: Yemeni-Italian understanding on importance of supporting the new Somali government

– European, African leaders and officials to visit Yemen in February and March

– World Bank president to visit Sana'a on 13 February

– Chairman of board of Total Company discusses in Sana'a exportation of Yemeni gas

– Execution of Free Trade Zone and activation of Arab Investment Agreement

– Mareb governor: Committee for investigating into shootings between security members and citizens

– Retained Saudi citizen in Saada released.

The political editor of the newspaper, commenting on the Iraqi elections, says the restoration of sovereignty and independence and return of security and stability form the basis on which Yemen has built its stance towards the situation in Iraq. That was also the grounds on which Yemen built its welcoming of the parliamentary elections held in Iraq at the end of last January.

Iraq is considered pivotal in showing the direction of the entire region. Yemen hopes that Iraq's elections will be a positive beginning for the region, providing a climate suitable for political reform, democracy, and development, and enhancing opportunities of stability and peace.