26_September [Archives:2005/819/Press Review]

February 24 2005

17 Feb.2005
Main headlines

– During his meeting with president of the World Bank, President Saleh: We are determined to enhance successes of the economic, financial, administrative and judicial reform

– MPs and businesspersons to accompany the German Chancellor in his visit to Sana'a

– Yemeni-Senegalese summit in Sana'a

– Arab Economic and Social Council concludes its meetings in Aden

– A gang for smuggling Yemeni antiquities headed by a Jordanian national seized

The newspaper has devoted its editorial to discuss Yemen's hosting meetings of the 75 session of the Arab Economic and Social Council in the port city of Aden. It says holding those meetings in Aden gives prominence to the national and Arab importance of the city as Yemen's trade and economic capital.

Convening the meetings has come in the midst of very complicated Arab circumstances and the deep realization of the necessity of encountering them.

Maybe I this context the establishment of the Arab common market is the first step in this direction and unanimity of the participants in the 75 session of the Arab Economic and Social council in Aden on the necessity of its establishment confirms an Arab collective awareness differentiating between what is primary and major and what is secondary at a time the world states have exceeded the concepts of regional blocs according to political and ideological concepts to be replaced by economic interests and exchange of benefits. These cold be embodied by trade and investment among countries of those groupings.

They develop their relations economically in a manner enhancing their political relations to take the shape of balanced integration.