26_September [Archives:2005/821/Press Review]

March 3 2005

24 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– A successful Yemeni-Senegalese summit, two countries viewpoint identical

– The president expresses keenness on enhancement relations with Senegal

– FM al-Qirbi: Yemen considers Germany essential partner in development, the Chancellor's visit to Yemen, turning-point in developmental relations

– Parliament reviews the explanatory memorandum on the two drafts of national strategy on wages and salaries

– French defense minister in Sana'a

– Efforts for restoration of economic relations between Yemen and Iraq

– General prosecution conducts investigations with 13 persons accused of planning for sabotage acts

In its editorial, the newspaper says successes and dynamism of Yemen's foreign policy is well expressed in the many visits by senior officials and leaders from sisterly and friendly countries from Africa to Europe, Asia and the two Americas. This also can be seen in Yemen's hosting of numerous political, economic and democratic activities as well as cultural and developmental meetings, regionally, Arab and international.

The Senegalese president visit to Yemen and his talks conducted with President Ali Abdullah Saleh represents a qualitative transfer in the relations of the two countries and bears indications on the Arab-African relations. The visit contributes to developing the common Islamic action. It also clarifies success of Yemen's diplomacy and importance of the status of Yemen.

The other example of Yemen's successful foreign policy is the visit paid by the US Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky. This visit is deemed an indicator of Yemen's role in international developments pertaining to the region, particularly that her talks are related to follow-up of result of the G-8 states held in Iceland last year.

Thus, achievements of the Yemen policy are many particularly in its balanced diplomacy in its orientations and to reach its apex successes in the Yemeni-European relations, at both bilateral level and that with the European Union.