26_September [Archives:2005/837/Press Review]

April 28 2005

21 Apr. 2005
Main headlines

– Under presidential directives, convoys of food and medical assistance continue reaching areas damaged by sabotage sedition

– A new Jordanian ambassador to Yemen

– PM Bajammal: Strict measures for the protection of human and environment and the use of insecticides

– Dangerous gang for drug trafficking and forged currencies discovered

The newspaper editorial is discussing the dialogue proposed by the ruling party with opposition political parties. It says all the people of Yemen, individuals and society, political parties and various other organisations are partners in this homeland and proceed in all that we do from a genuine and deep feeling the sense of responsibility for its security, stability and development.

In this context came the call by the General People's Congress to the partners of political life, political parties and organisations, for a dialogue. It is not only the shortest of ways for dealing with differences and variances, but also would achieve mutual benefit from what others would submit of ideas and visions and also to determine what is essential and main and what is secondary but does not affect the agreement on it o find a formula leading to a responsible partnership giving the national action patriotic and ethical dimension.