26_September [Archives:2005/843/Press Review]

May 19 2005

15 May 2005
Main headlines

– President Saleh: Military organisation in al-Haq and People's Forces parties behind the events of Saada, Partisanship is a means not an end and could not effect a split in the national rank

– Presidential decrees approving cooperation agreement between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, appointment of deputies for Amran and Abyan governorates

– Held the parties of the Joint Meeting responsible for them, al-Kibsi: Recent university demonstrations unauthorized and regulations would be applied to all

– Al-Shoura council discusses reality and ambitions of official media, Al-Lawzi: Proposals for acceleration of implementing the president's directives on non-imprisoning journalist because of opinion and lifting physical punishments and changing them into civil

– Al-Jawfi: National Council for education, committees to supervise religious education

Columnist Faisal Jaloul writes saying that Arabs are in need of a real revolution in culture toppling many of inherited concepts and past standards. People would not advance culturally if they spend long age repeating ideas and culture of others and would not advance in culture if they sufficed with being proud of their past.

The problems of Arab culture are not confined to methods of acquiring knowledge but rather to extend to impact of that acquisition on the intellectual and impact of the acquired knowledge on the total of intellectuals segment. Some suppose that culture allows for the intellectual what is not allowed to others.

This belief is extremely dangerous because knowledge is actually a force, an ethical power. Because it has this description, it necessarily tends towards modesty and denial of claim and bragging.

It is imperative in this regard to talk about value of the Arab culture. Can the acquired culture be just a goal or void of purposes? In answering this it is supposed that the value of culture possessed by this or hat of people lies in its reciprocal nature and not rather in the amount of what is repeated of it. The cultured is, I think, the person capable of exchanging with others and interacting with them.