26_September [Archives:2005/845/Press Review]

May 26 2005

21 May 2005
Main headlines

– To take part in celebrations of the 15th national day, Yemen guests arrive in Sana'a and Mukalla

– On Unity Day, opening of 141 projects in Hadramout Fish port, Khor Mukalla and others are main projects

– Human Rights Minister: The unity transferred Yemen worldwide in the fields of democracy and human rights

– PM Bajammal discusses oil cooperation with president of Canadian Nexen Company

– Carrying a message from president Saleh to president Khatami, FM al-Qirbi heads for Tehran

– American ambassador to Yemen: Since establishment of unity, Yemen remains supporter of democratic reform in the region

The newspaper editorial devotes the topic to discussing what Yemeni MP Yahya al-Houthi had said in an interview with an Arab TV satellite channel, mentioning that what he had said disclosed the reality and dimensions of the sedition that his father Badruddin al-Houthi, and before him his slain brother Hussein Badrudin al-Houthi had triggered. That insurgency was founded on fanatic racial vision intended for returning the homeland to eras of darkness of the backward Imamate rule against which the Yemeni people had revolted and toppled. The newspaper editorial elaborated by mentioning that it was not a surprise that a person like al-Houthi and the like to come after more than 43 years of the revolution and the establishment of the republican regime to state that the rule was “usurped” by those who had led the revolutions of 26 September and 14 October and that the rule should be returned to its owners.

The more astonishing thing in al-Houthi's interview is his saying that he had asked the United States to intervene for solving their issue. His father and before him his brother and their followers had said that the state confrontation with them was because of their enmity to the United States of America and their chanting of slogans calling for death for America. One wonders how that would fit between what al-Houthi who is in Stockholm saying and that of al-Houthi in Mran and Razzamat in Saada, Yemen.