26_September [Archives:2005/847/Press Review]

June 2 2005

26 May 2005
Main headlines

– Yemeni-Mauritanian summit

– PM Bajammal discusses oil and gas project cooperation with officials from Hunt and Total

– Korean minister of Industry, Trade and Energy visits Sana'a

– Capture of leader of Sana'a terrorist cell, affiliate of insurgent al-Houthi

– FM al-Qirbi carried a message to from president Saleh to president Khatami, Rafsanjani stresses the importance of serious Iranian relations with Yemen

– Foundation stone for the industrial city in Aden, laid

– International participation in Palestinian refugees conference to be held in Sana'a

In its editorial, the newspaper says all the Yemenis with their various political, cultural and ideological affiliations are today called for contemplating those facts displayed by landmarks of the new Yemeni reality associated with unity and its accomplishments.

They should also ponder deeply what that reality has witnessed of interaction and national action in different lifestyles. Maybe the most prominent aspect of that reality is that the free people of Yemen have become the masters of themselves and maker of their decision and that freedom and democracy are headlines of their new life.

Mastering the reins of future stems from those capabilities potentials and various national energies emerging under the democratic situation in which the all in Yemen are living.

The Yemenis, mainly the political parties, the organisations of the civil society are requested to conscious response to the sincere call unleashed by president Ali Abdullah Saleh on the eve of celebration of the 15th anniversary of the national day. They have to respond positively to his call for dialogue and opening a new chapter for all in the homeland to disseminate the values of tolerance, fraternity and national alignment.

Whatever were the challenges and variances in visions, that is a normal condition under a democratic and pluralist reality, the rift and staying behind barricades of ideas and suspicions and illusions and absence of bridges of communication could not create a natural and healthy climate serving the supreme interest of the country.

Diversification, plurality and even differences in politic and ideas are normal things in life but that should not lead to disputes and division, and for the some they should not make it a dishonest means to achieve illegitimate purposes that would threaten the society's coherence and its coalition.