26_September [Archives:2005/860/Press Review]

July 18 2005

14 Jul. 2005
Main Headlines:

– The General Committee of the GPC Confirms: The Country and Peoples' Interest is the Main Edifice upon which the Dialogue among parties is Based

– The President: We're Keen on Accomplishment the Reforms that Serve the Citizens

– Al-Gefery: The New Law Draft Bill Emphasizes on Upholding the Freedom of Press.

– Yemeni-Saudi Borders Committee is to Convene in the Later half of this Month.

The prominent columnist Abdul-Wahed Al-Khamesy wrote ” Tons of ink were used in writing about the necessity of combining the political reform with the economical reform and suddenly, we find that there are some people have been trying to “float” the political reform and to generalize it at the national level and even call openly for putting off the financial and administrative reforms until the political reform is being realized, this is actually would serve as an excuse for authorities to neglect their duties”.

The columnist went on saying much to surprise, is that such claims are going around in our country which is in dire need of the economical reform after it had managed to make great strides in the field of political reforms but it could not keep the pace in the area of financial and administrative reforms where is huge piles of corruption”.

Al-Khamesy suggested that the national forces should seek for developing the political reform in our country, and strive to accelerate the economical reform not to postpone it He concluded that political reform can't be completed unless there is a parallel reform in the domain of finance and administration.