26_September [Archives:2005/862/Press Review]

July 25 2005

July 21, 2005
Main Headline.

– No Lenience with Rioters and Lawbreakers

– Referring Troublemakers and Robbers to Judiciary.

– Letter to the President from Saudi Crown Prince

– PM: Prices Adjustments are Necessary to Uphold the National economy

– Minister of Industry and Trade to Meet the Merchants today for Discussing the Reforms Effects.

– Getting the Tax Sales Law into Force is to Reduce Burdens on Citizens.

– Yemen's Loses Due Diesel Smuggling Up to $80 Billion per a Year.

The prominent columnist, Taha Nusser Mustapha, commented on the president Ali Abdullah Sale announcement that he wouldn't run for the presidency in the upcoming presidential election next year.

The commentator highly appreciated the president decision describing it as courageous, but , he inquired whether it is a proper time for such a decision He stated that undoubtedly, it is a courage decision ..but did it come on a suitable time? This is the question which comes to the mind when thinking about the president announcement that he won't contest in the next presidential election in 2006.

As people hardly now can imagine the national arena without president Ali Abdullah Sale has been the key player

The writer continued, while the president decision received widespread welcoming regionally and described as an unprecedented step across the Arab world, domestically a colleague stated that the president announcement was a kind of propaganda and an early election campaign for the president himself or his son, he forgot that the president's son has not yet reached the eligible age to run for presidency as the constitution stipulates and he wouldn't come to it next year

Nusser argued that the president's decision, had come in an improper time. He said that it is not an easy task to replace a man who has been in the office for 27 years.

There is a need for substantial arrangements to ensure amicable exchange of authority .in the light of the current vacuum in the political arena in which non of the political parties has got that political leader who can replace the president Ali Abdullah Sale at this critical moment.