26_September [Archives:2006/1000/Press Review]

November 20 2006

16 Nov. 2006
Main headlines

– London conference a real partnership with the Gulf and donors

– London conference concludes its meetings, President Saleh: We are committed to maintaining comprehensive reforms

– The participants in the conference praise the Yemeni experiment, committed to support development plans in Yemen

– Yemen foreign minister: Success of the conference reflects international appreciation of Yemeni reforms

– Yemen-French summit in Paris

– Saleh discusses with Blair development of bilateral relations and situation in the region

– Arab ministers concerned with fish wealth meet in Sana'a on 25 November.

Writer Faisal Jaloul says in an article that the Yemenis can start a real opportunity for development and progress in the London conference, providing for them means they have for long yearned for the programs pertaining to infrastructure and, qualification of the Yemeni cadre needed for production on the Gulf Cooperation Council and receiving technology from outside and invest it locally.

With the means the conference provides Yemen can shorten the distance separating it from other neighboring countries and the farther. Those distances that have accumulated as a result of the nature of the introvert imamate regime and the repeated civil wars during the republican era.

And with those means Yemen can make for the cost of the unitary integration which is very costly and consumed large portion of the moderate oil revenues that fortunately its flow coincided with the unity negotiations that was declared in 1990. with the means Yemen is betting on in London conference it can meet requirements of the demographic revolution escalating with the stability that was established in the country, improvement of health services, expansion of cities, and stability of life in them, and important advantages of infrastructures especially the sector of services that led to expansion of the base of population pyramid ands consequently the generation of new needs in quantity and quality in the past years.

No doubt, the size of unemployment, administrative inflation, and illiteracy need future treatments and plans supported by budgets supposed to be controlled over by proper use. This means that protection of the promised means from London conference maybe the main coming task of the government in the upcoming stage. This task takes two courses; one dictates building impregnable dam against old corruption and the second involves intensifying monitoring the probable corruption along with launching huge workshops in the light of the coming billions. it is surely that Yemen success in providing the best conditions for the use of the coming means is a fateful question especially that the country is about to step into a new historic threshold.