26_September [Archives:2006/1008/Press Review]

December 18 2006

14 Dec. 2006
Main headlines

– In his meeting with chairman of Islamic Courts of Somalia, President Saleh: We are keen on achieving peace in Somalia

– The president discusses the situations in the region with US Assistant Secretary of State

– Sana'a Grouping summit in Addis Ababa after Adha Eid

– Yemen-Saudi Coordination Council preparation committee meets in January

– US Assistant Secretary of State appreciated the president's steps for reforms

– 3452 houses compensation for citizens affected by nationalization in Aden

– Parliament Speaker sponsors ending disputes between 26 September editor in chief and MP Hamid al-Ahmar

The newspaper editorial mentions about Yemen's keenness and interest on the security and stability of Somalia is a matter does not need confirmation especially that it has become one of the Yemeni foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa in general and the Somalia in particular. This country which is torn by wars and conflicts for more than one decade and a half, its lean years did not bring for its people but disasters of wars and, destruction and division. Throughout all this time Yemen used to exert all its efforts for the restoration of peace and building the Somali destroyed establishments of the state on the basis of the unity of Somalia as land and people and offering all forms of support to Arab, African and international efforts for the achievement of that end.

Yemen has hosted many reconciliatory meetings and dialogues among all factions without discrimination or bias to this party or that. all those efforts were under the direct auspices of president Ali Abdullah Saleh and they have been efforts appreciated by the people of Somalia and their leaderships. Yemen's ability to contribute to efforts of reconciliation in Somalia is attributed to its possession of good relations with all and it has never been a party in any conflicts and disputes or internal wars happening in Somalia out of its vision that the security and stability in the Horn of Africa and the south of the Red Sea area is an integrated system and any internal wars and conflicts would affect the entire region and consequently affect the international security and stability especially if we consider the vital and strategic significance the south of the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa represent geopolitically for the world economy..

Yemen will be always the party more understanding of the importance of and necessity of security and stability of, peace and unity of Somalia which represents the right direction for to come out of the situation that has continued for long and began to take a course threatening all.