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December 25 2006

21 Dec. 2006
Main headlines

– President Saleh: Development won't be achieved and investment won't come nut under security and stability, The stage is decisive, corrupt elements have to straighten their crookedness or leave

– In an interview to Al-Jazeera channel, the President: We are going ahead in fighting corruption with national conviction and not for the sake of someone

– By-elections in 30 local councils constituencies

In its editorial the newspaper mentions that the motive of Yemen under leadership of President Ali Abdullah Saleh regarding his calls and initiatives to solve conflicts and contain crises among the sons of any sisterly country are stemming from a real vision realizing that regional, Arab and international security and stability are interrelated directly and indirectly to the security and stability of each Arab or regional country in Africa and Asia. That impact also extends internationally, particularly if instable situations are in the Middle East, south of the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa, and the situation in Palestine, Iraq Lebanon, Somalia Sudan and Afghanistan are proofs confirming that. This also affirms Yemen's vision and stands vis-a-vis the events taking place in those countries and their reflections on the situation in the region and the world.

In this context are the Yemeni orientations represented by embracing and sponsoring many of reconciliation rounds among factions of conflict in Somalia since the b beginning of the conflict in this country16 years before. The latest of those efforts is the dialogue between the Islamic Courts and the Somalia parliament t held in Aden. And in the same context come the calls on the brethren in Iraq ands Palestine and Lebanon and Sudan for reconciliation and agreement through constructive dialogues stemming from sincere intentions expressing the Somali, or the Iraqi or Palestinian or Lebanese interest.

Yemen does not claim it is the only one in this pursuit and keenness and that its role has been effective in reaching reconciliation on all those areas. However, it cannot stand hand folded and spectator without taking a stand in the face of challenges and dangers facing its brethren because its nationalist and Islamic and human duties dictate that on it.

There is no meaning of what some newspapers allegations that Yemen aims by those efforts to look for a regional role because it does not need that role as it is actually there due to Yemen's historical, civilization, and geopolitical economic and security factors.