26_September [Archives:2006/954/Press Review]

June 12 2006

8 June 2006
Main headlines

– Emissary of Abu Mazin in Sana'a in a few days, Large-scale welcome for president Saleh's invitation to host Palestinian-Palestinian dialogue

– Palestinian leaders: We appreciate Yemen's efforts and keenness on realization of national reconciliation

– Increments in salaries of military pensioners, paid

– Conference on democracy, reform and freedom of expression to be held on 25 June, FM al-Qirbi: Arab countries, Asian, European countries and America to discuss democracy development and the woman role

– Saudi foreign minister: Saudi Arabia would do what it can to qualify Yemen's economy

– Iranian emissary discusses Iran's nuclear dossier in Sana'a

– Yemen takes part in the Arab-Turkish forum

– To review arrangements for donors conference, Yemeni-Gulf working team meets in Sana'a

– Five British military vessels on a visit to Aden

– Higher education minister calls on Al-Eman University to define its legal status

In its editorial the newspaper mentions that dialogue is the virtue of democracy and its basis for management of disputes and contradiction however great they are. Dialogue is the criterion of political maturity expressing high awareness in sensing the national responsibility especially at this stage that necessitates dialogue by all partners of political life on the Yemeni arena. Putting all issues and topics the table of dialogue is the logical and objective alternative of tense stances and biddings that usually take the mind away from correct understanding of the other party and create a deformed image of the nature and volume of the issues and problems that may emerge as a natural result of in the contexts of the democratic process. Complications are a phenomenon caused by the feeling of owning the truth and a sense that what one says is correct and what the other says is wrong. This situation leads us to be in contradiction with democracy in its pluralist political concept and its conditions of respect of the opinion and other opinion and the work for providing the opportunity of expression as long as the end is the national interest. In this context comes president Ali Abdullah Saleh's repeated invitation to the political parties and forces to the dialogue table and response of the opposition parties to it means there is a common comprehension of the necessity of dialogue and mutual realization of this stage's dictates at a time the country is ion the threshold of the presidential and local elections scheduled in September.