26_September [Archives:2006/984/Press Review]

September 25 2006

21 Sep 2006
Main headlines

– The Yemeni people draw world administration by their democratic consciousness

– Great enthusiasm of electors, great women turnout in elections

– Primary results of presidential elections show Saleh ahead with more than 2 million votes against 464 thousand for Shamlan

– Recession of security incidents, the citizens praise efforts of security men

– The Vice-president: 20 September a memorable day in Yemen's history

– After casting their votes, The president: The first and last winners in elections are the people

– Bin Shamlan: 20 September will lead Yemen to a better future

– Foreign media: Yemeni elections the first true competitive elections in the Arab world

– New road projects in Ibb governorate

– PM: Democracy in Yemen genuine and historic

– Chairman of the Shoura Council: The people of Yemen write a new chapter in their glorious history

The newspaper's editorial hailed the people of Yemen who exercised on 20 September both the presidential and local councils elections. It praises the matchless turnout of men, women and elderly people at the election stations in all the country's constituencies to elect a new president of the country and representatives of the governorates local councils. By this practice the Yemeni people confirm anew that they are civilized people able to understand the international changes and their reflections on the tracks of their development and positively deal with world changes data in a way meting requirements of speeding up the movement of keeping pace with them to be active partner in world achievements.

On 20 September the world has seen the people of Yemen heading to poll stations since the early hours of the morning in a democratic festival demonstration of presidential and local councils elections rarely to be seen in another country in the region the people have practiced transparent and fair competitive elections laying the firm foundations of their democratic experiment and establishing better life for their present and future and for the coming generations.