26_September [Archives:2007/1024/Press Review]

February 12 2007

8 Feb. 2007
Main headlined

– Economic and security files before Sana'a Grouping Summit

– The summit discusses supporting Somalia, developments of situations in Darfur and securing navigation

– The parliament warns against Judaization of Jerusalem, calls for serious stands, Yemen condemns he Zionist practices against Islamic sanctities

– Strategic and services projects in Ibb governorate in preparation for celebrating the national day

– Ethiopian president and Malaysian prime minister in Sana'a

– US parliamentary delegation to visit Sana'a in this month

– Chairman of Somali Islamic Courts in Sana'a

– German regional conference to be held in Sana'a

– Package of legislations to improve investment environment

In its editorial the newspaper wrote saying that eyes if the Palestinians inside and outside Palestine and with them the Arabs and Muslims are drawn to Mecca meeting for defusing the internal fratricide in Palestine between the movements of Fatah and Hamas. All are hoping that the meeting will come out with an agreement putting an end to the wrong and bloody confrontations among the sons of the homeland and the one issue especially that the two parties of fighting have a long history of sacrifices and struggle.

The conflict between Fatah and Hamas has double the effect of the Zionist aggression and blockade and provided it with the Palestinian fighters' preoccupation in their fratricide and prepared circumstances for Israel to commit a new aggression on the Aqsa Mosque to desecrate it and efface its Islamic identity and to Judaize it.

This event alone is quite enough for Fatah and Hamas to come out from Mecca meeting with an agreement ending the dispute and conflict and Palestinian bloodshed. This event is enough also for the Palestinian factions to join their efforts in defense of the Aqsa Masque against repeated Zionist aggressions and that should be emerging from the consciousness of the religious status of mosque. If we take the aggression n its broader implications and goals it does aim at effacing the Islamic, Arab and Christian identity of the city of Jerusalem.

Thus the first defence line for the city of Jerusalem, as it used always to be, are the Palestinian people who are supported by their nation. But this time the situation is worse because the dispute and fragmentation have led the Arab and Islamic reality to have a negative influence on the unity of the Palestinian people who clearly appear to be unable alone to confront and prevent the aggression on the Holy Aqsa Mosque.

This also enough to put both Fatah and Hamas leaderships face to face with a situation that will not allow them but to com out from Mecca meeting with results living up to what is greater than merely the agreement to cement the Palestinian national unity to encounter the impending dangers against the Palestinian cause.