26_September [Archives:2007/1028/Press Review]

February 26 2007

22 Feb. 2007
Min headlines

– During his reception of the delegation of the German Social Democratic Party, President Saleh praises Germany's support for democracy and development in Yemen

– A follow-up for decision of the millennium for the obtaining of funds

– Immunity lifted from the escapee terrorist Yahya al-Houthi

– Joint meeting for Yemen and the GCC states foreign ministers the beginning of March

– Being a world personality of the year 2006, President Saleh receives the Afro-Asian Organization Coat of Arms

– The GPC discusses dialogue with political parties

– In his lecture to family-businesses conference, PM Bajammal calls for giving opportunity large people participation in the capital

– Yemeni call for international conference on reconstruction of Somalia

– New Emirates visa-granting facilities and employment of Yemenis

– The American ambassador to Yemen: President Saleh's determination on confronting terror and corruption, an object of admiration by the American administration

– Yemeni armed forces and security lay tight siege against remnants of terrorists in Saada

The newspaper editorial says it has become evident that some leaderships and newspapers of the JMP (JMP) react happily to whatever inflicts damage on Yemen and its interests and future of its people or whatever offends it.

They may not realize that such practice and political behavior would deepen the isolation they have imposed on themselves and their parties because of their sterile thinking and indicating realization of these leaderships whose mentalities have ossified to an extent they are unable to understand the variables properly and to understand what is a mature national opposition in its agreement and in disagreement with the authority.

And that should not be motivated by egoistic tendencies of partisan or personal interests or short comprehension and sound vision. The opposition stance should emerge from a high sense of responsibility towards Yemen. On this basis the process of meeting and disagreement with the authority is defined and to embody at the same time to be the other face of government as it is the case of democratic opposition every part of the world.

It is proper to say that since there are national issues forming common constants and denominations where there is no room for difference in stands, anything of such behavior could not be interpreted but to consider as an aspect of by those party leaderships in the opposition of their role and responsibility, especially when we know that their stand towards the elements of terror and sabotage who are still playing havoc with the life in the governorate of Saada, despite of the attempts exerted for bringing them back to reason.

This stand by some leaderships of opposition is not the first one and it probably will not be the last. We have been accustomed to the leaderships of the JMP to rejoice whatever offends, deforms, harms and contradicts Yemen's interests whether the source was internal or external.

It is quite enough to indicate in this context to the stands used to be adopted by the opposition regarding whatever threatens the homeland's security, stability, development and progress. This has been very clear in their stance regarding the American decision of including Yemen into the countries benefiting from the millennium project and also with respect to the London donor conference and before that their rejoice towards the terrorist operations the country was exposed to at different periods.

This is only little of much more. Opposition leaderships stance versus the events of Saada and the sabotage acts those gangs are committing is not something new for their conduct in this respect is a wrong belief reflecting the fact that they do not differentiate between opposing the homeland and to be an opposition for the sake of the homeland. Here lies the miserableness in some JMP leaderships understanding of opposition with its implications and political contents of democracy.

This is disclosed in its latest statement in which it considered equal a group trying to ignite sedition in service of foreign agenda and raises arms in the face of the state as well as resorting to the use of violence in a bid to frighten the citizens and destabilize their safety and violating the constitution and the law and the state whose most sacred of its duties is to defending of the homeland, safeguarding its national unity, preserve its constitution and imposition of the sovereignty of law and order.