26_September [Archives:2007/1030/Press Review]

March 5 2007

Main Headlines

– Mosque preachers condemn acts of terror and vandalism in Sa'ada, call for unified national efforts to confront sedition

– UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees grants international protection cards to more than 11 thousand Iraqis in Yemen

– Yemen calls for containing Al-Aqsa excavation works in the Arab Parliament's Agenda

– A Sa'ada source denies news that 416 soldiers have died in the fighting while clashes with terrorists are ending

– Finance Minister: Islah Party's Fourth General Conference contained a lot of conflicting viewpoints and visions

– An international drug gang due to stand trial Wednesday at Al-Ghaidah Court in Al-Mahra governorate, 17 Pakistanis to be investigated

– National Museum in Sana'a resumes receiving visitors at night and weekends

– 1500 Yemeni students finish first semester exams in the Saudi cities of Riyadh and Jeddah

– Vice President directs Central Organization for Control and Audi (COCA) to give top priority to President Saleh's platform

– World Youth Council awards President Saleh order of merit, acknowledging his role in serving world youth and peace issues.