26_September [Archives:2007/1036/Press Review]

March 26 2007

March 22
Main Headlines

– Saleh: we expect Arab Summit to come up with fruitful results

– Saleh and Putin discuss international relations and developments

– Shoura Council Chairman: Yemen reached significant development in the handicapped care facilities

– Foreign Minister: reforms, settling differences, development top our agenda in the days to come

– Saleh emphasizes role of Arab Labor Organization in addressing workforce's issues

– Finance Minister discuss means of enhancing cooperation with World Bank and International Monetary Fund

– Saleh to meet UN Secretary-General next week

– Sa'ada terrorist elements use citizens as human armors, authorities accuse rebels of wearing women dresses while plotting terrorist offensives

The weekly paper reported that the security authorities arrested a group of terrorists put on women dresses while plotting to launch terrorist operations on several targets. It added that the terrorist elements, who fuelled the sedition in some Sa'ada districts as directed by their leaders Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and Abdullah Al-Rizami, rejected a request by religious clerics and social personalities to stop entrenching in Dhehyan area and return home.

Also, the rebels were asked to leave their positions on the top of mountains and not to use aged people, women and children as human armors, as well to stop attacking innocent citizens and military and security troops and refrain from damaging public and private properties. The government accused Al-Houthi-led rebels of exercising highway activities, intimidating commuters and deterring traffic.

According to official sources, Dhehyan innocent locals evicted their homes because the terrorist acts target their lives and property. The sources added that in response to directives from high-ranking military commanders and local authorities, the military and security forces vowed to besiege the entrenching terrorists and tighten the noose around them without any armed confrontations in order to save lives of Dhehyan locals.